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Last updated 3/2/2023

SMS Terms & Conditions

Company Name: These terms apply to Wally Phillips, LMFT, a sole proprietor psychotherapist providing services in California.

Program Description: Text messages about therapeutic services and appointments may be sent to psychotherapy clients of Wally Phillips, LMFT, who have opted in and given their consent to receive them. Consent for such communication may be withdrawn at any time. Wally Phillips, LMFT does not use SMS text messaging for any affiliate marketing purposes.

Opt In for Consent for Text Messaging: Consent is obtained verbally in conversation with Wally Phillips, LMFT, and in written form by the client completing the Informed Consent agreements before beginning psychotherapy.

Opt Out: You may withdraw consent for text messaging by requesting to opt out. STOP is the SMS keyword used to end receipt of SMS communications. You will receive confirmation of the end of SMS communications: “Wally Phillips, LMFT: You have successfully unsubscribed & will no longer receive any additional messages.”

Message Frequency: Message frequency varies.

Pricing Disclosure: There is no fee to clients charged by Wally Phillips, LMFT at integrativepsychotherapy.us for clients to receive text messages, however the client may incur message and data fees from their telecom provider.

Stop and Help Keywords:

Reply STOP to cancel
Text HELP to 415-788-4444 for help

For support, please contact Wally Phillips, LMFT wallyphillipsmft@jps.net or call (415) 788-4444.

Carrier Disclaimer: Telecom services are provided to Wally Phillips, LMFT by Vonage Business Services. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

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