My Background

So you can be better informed, I’ll briefly describe my background here.

Why did I become a therapist?

I started out as an electronics engineer, and worked a fair amount in the bio-medical branch of engineering. I was fascinated with how the body worked and what made it tick.  As an engineer, I was “in my head” a great deal of time, and out of touch with my feelings and my body. I treated my body like a machine, that was to do whatever I commanded of it.

In 1991, I attended a California “touchy/feely” workshop that awakened me to not only my feelings, but the innate wisdom that was held in my body. I quickly became a workshop junkie and took every personal growth event I could find. I ended up finding myself in the process. It wasn’t always easy or fun, but it was so worth it. I barely recognize the man that is here today as the former self that I was.

As part of my exploration, I wondered what it really was that I wanted to do in the world, and the answer came to me in a flash – to help others live in their empowered selves. There is simply nothing else to do.

So I am familiar with going into the darkest depths of my soul, and coming back with more of it. This allows me to travel with you, wherever it is that you want to go.

My work with clients is collaborative, supportive and respectful.

There are several ways to address problems and/or concerns.

My Training

I received a Masters degree from JFK University in 2001, in counseling psychology, with a specialization in Somatics (body-oriented therapy). I completed the two year Hakomi training, along with numerous additional trauma trainings offered by the Hakomi Institute and several other organizations and teachers.

I have trained extensively in the Emotionally Focused Therapy modality.

I have designed and lead numerous personal growth workshops since 1992, and have facilitated several weekend residential retreats.

I work with adult individuals, couples (LGBTQ/poly friendly), intentional communities, groups and organizations.

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