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Mindfulness & Bodyfulness

Picking a therapist who you feel good about is an important part of your healthcare. The relationship between you and your therapist is crucial to your well being. One of the best ways to discern if a particular therapist is right for you is through meeting them. Between what your head and your gut tell you, you’ll usually be able to make the best decision for yourself.

We can’t change the past…
but we can change how we feel about the past,
and how much our past affects our now.

Wally Phillips, MA, LMFT
California License # LMFT46007
Texas License # 204377

Trauma Resolution – Body Psychotherapy
Intimacy and Relationship Issues
Spiritual Awakening
Group Facilitation
Clinical Supervision
Former Director of Couples Therapy Training at CIP (Community Institute for Psychotherapy)
Comfortable with Paranormal Experiences

San Francisco Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center